Sejarah Panjang Harbolnas dan Kiat-Kiat Untuk Meraup Untung

The History of Harbolnas & How to Maximize Your Profit

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Currently, online shopping is an activity that is most in demand by almost all people, especially millennials. Of course, this has increased the trend of online transactions among the public, especially at certain events such as Harbolnas.

Harbolnas itself stands for National Online Shopping Day. At Harbolnas events, usually almost all e-commerce in Indonesia and providers of goods or products will provide attractive offers, either in the form of discounts, cashback, free shipping and so on.

Not only that, even various cashback offers using e-wallet from e-commerce companies in Indonesia were also given to increase customer enthusiasm.

History of Harbolnas

The name Harbolnas stands for National Online Shopping Day in Indonesian. Usually held in just one day, the first Harbolnas was held on December 12, 2012 through the collaboration of several marketplaces and the largest e-Commerce stores in Indonesia.

The aim is to encourage Indonesian consumers to shop online, with the idea that if many Indonesian stores collaborate rather than compete, they will earn more sales. This Harbolnas celebration is inspired by the online shopping celebrations Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday which are usually celebrated in America, Canada, England, Germany, and Japan.

The pioneers in Indonesia are several large e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Zalora, BerryBenka, PinkEmma, ​​Bilna, Traveloka, Luxola, and several other e-commerce sites. When this event was held, it turned out to get a very good response from the community, so this Harbolnas event continues every year.

But over time, the activities or events of this Harbolnas have changed. Currently harbolnas is no longer held every year, you can feel harbolnas every month on the same day and month as for example 11.11 or 12.12 and the same date in the following month.

Here are 3 tips for safer online shopping:

Be careful with the discounts offered

Be rational and don’t be tempted by a big discount. Always make sure that the price cuts are based on the original market value and ‘fake discounts’ where the price of the product suddenly increases before the discount treatment.

Check Store Credibility

Always make sure that you as a consumer interact with genuine online shopping service providers and online stores that are supported by a clear identity. Never hesitate to do a background check of the store and keep an eye on the number of complaints or negative feedback from the store.

Service and Complaint Mechanism

Only shop from online retailers that offer a clear service mechanism that covers and accommodates any potential complaints of any defects in the products you purchase online.

If you have implemented and understood the tips above, then below are things you should do when you want to shop during Harbolnas.

Create Your Wish or Shopping List

Customers can choose to create a wish list on the platform’s website in advance, which will allow them to more easily track the desired items on the day of shopping.

Turn on Notifications

As it is known that during Harbolnas you are not the only one who participates, so that you don’t miss a promo on the e-commerce or online store you want, turn on notifications from the e-commerce you are aiming for.


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