Gelar Webinar Berseri, Ajak Pelaku Bisnis Untuk Mempercepat Penerapan Supply Chain Digital Holds Series of Webinar to Invite Businesses to For Accelerating Digital Supply Chain in Various Industries

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No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. held a series of webinars from October 7th to October 28th 2021. In collaboration with several famous institutions such as, GAPMMI, ISCEA, Crowe Indonesia, Bincang Supply Chain, and Politeknik Praktisi, these events are designed for businesses and professionals who work in supply chain. 

Until now (the third series), there are more than 700 attendees who attend the event and come from various industries such as, FMCG, logistic, multinational companies, e-commerce, and supply chain expert association. This webinar also invites many experts who have tons of experience and worked in various industries such as, Prof. Nyoman Pujawan (ISCEA Indonesia), Yongky Susilo (Ex-Nielsen), Iman Kusnadi (Ritase), Asryan Aghati (Google Cloud), Marko Suswanto, and Fadjar (Meyerfood). Attendees get tons of insightful and fresh information from the experts. 

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Seeing the importance to accelerate digital supply chain implementation

This webinar explains that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on various industries. For example, most businesses in the logistics industry experience problems, such as late goods delivery and inflated operational costs. In addition, the pandemic has also forced everyone to do all activities at home, including online shopping.

These changes force businesses to change conventional business processes to digital. So far, digitization adoption is slower than we think. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become a point of acceleration for its implementation in business processes.

Yongky Susilo said that “Current crisis is far different from the previous crisis, it forces people to do activity inside their house”. It also changes people’s mindset and habits which make businesses start to automate their business to move faster as a future investment.

However, it is not as easy as we think. In order to be successful, there are various things needed to ensure the implementation works well such as, infrastructure, government’s policy, and individual’s skill. Marko Suswanto said that both individuals and technological developments must go hand in hand. In fact, the development of technology is now growing very fast and is not accompanied by an increase in the ability of individuals to operate it.

Muljadi Teo and Marko Suswanto also added that, “The combination of advanced technology with qualified individuals, can create a transparent and convenient consumer journey”. However, the success measurement is not measured from paper to digital usage, said Asryan Aghati. He added “Every business must implement automation to change their business more efficiently and effectively”. 

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Digital transformation as the future investment

It could be a great moment for many businesses to see digital transformation as a future investment for their business. Thus, it brings several benefits, such as, business’s opportunity cost will be dropped drastically, effective business management and increase company’s competitiveness in the future. 

Prof. Nyoman Pujawan also said that cash flow management is influenced by two elements, business income and cost. If these elements can be controlled with a good supply chain mechanism, the business’ finances will be strong and increase the effectiveness of communication between divisions in business operations. 

Yosia Sugialam added that communication is not only from the company’s internal relations, but also from external, the relationship between buyers and suppliers. According to him, the transaction process between buyers and suppliers can run more effectively by using digital invoices & payments to facilitate transactions between buyers and suppliers, as well as getting easier access for business funding. This is believed to be an important factor to boost business development, especially during this pandemic.

With the implementation of digitization in the supply chain, various business operational processes can run faster with maximum results, one of which is the collection process. During a pandemic, the collection process is slower. Many businesses ask to extend payment terms to keep business cash safe.

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