Mengenal Mitra Tokopedia & Keuntungannya Untuk Bisnis UMKM

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Mitra Tokopedia

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In this digital era, of course, everything has switched to an online system, including business. Currently, if you are a business person, especially a novice businessman, then using media such as a marketplace to develop your business or business is the right thing, because now almost all levels of society are looking for and meeting their needs online.

Call it Tokopedia as one of the most visited marketplaces and has many users. At Tokopedia they provide services to partner with Tokopedia. With this Tokopedia partner service, you can develop your business as well as find the first supplier for your business. The purpose of this Tokopedia partner service is to encourage business people or MSME entrepreneurs to sell products offline by buying them online at Tokopedia.

For the past 2 years, Tokopedia has helped millions of traditional business activists and served more than 50 million people in more than 500 cities or regencies in Indonesia. Head of New Retail Tokopedia, Doni Nathaniel Pranama, said that through the Tokopedia partner application, many business actors were helped and achieved big profits in their business or business.

The benefits if you join a Tokopedia partner include:

Cheaper Price

By joining as a Tokopedia Partner, you can find and buy stock products from first-hand suppliers for your business. And with a lower price, of course, the profits you get from sales can be greater and make it easier for you to grow your business.

Reach Wider Consumers

By becoming a Tokopedia partner, of course, you will reach a wider range of consumers. Because it’s different from opening a regular store if you partner with Tokopedia, the whole community can see your store or business.

Free Shipping

Another thing that will be your advantage if you partner with Tokopedia is that you don’t have to pay extra for shipping costs. By ordering wholesale products through the Tokopedia partner application, you will get free shipping.

Lots of Interesting Promos

Another maximum benefit that you will get is like getting cashback from your digital product payments

Product Variations for Sale

If you become a Tokopedia partner, you can also sell many digital products at once so that your store will be considered more competent. That way, buyers or consumers who will become your regular customers will be loyal because their needs are met in your store.

Easy to manage

Partnering with Tokopedia can make you run your business practically. This is because all processes that are carried out online will save time, money, and energy. In addition, through the Tokopedia Partner application, you don’t need to bother looking for many suppliers to fulfill and find goods for your business.

With the services of Tokopedia partners, it has helped create many business opportunities for both beginners and SMEs. What are you waiting for, join as a Tokopedia partner so you can enjoy great benefits for your business.

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